Historical Profile of the Asia Consultech Company Limited


Establishment of this newly differentiated consulting company derives from several professional and experiential aspects including due to the long lasting experiences and capabilities among shareholders of the Asia Consultech Company Limited; the new concepts to provide consulting services for any interested persons apart from both foreign investors and local investors who actually need to streamline and facilitate their business operation in the Lao PDR, and lastly, amidst the regional and international integration, the consulting firms in the Lao PDR should step forward one step in respect of technical competency, communication capability and internationalization of consultancy since these have not been so much paid attention or prioritized. In fact, the Asia Consultech Company Limited is intentionally founded to accommodate such three steps.

What distinguish us from other consulting companies scattering across the Lao PDR. Our main services are regarded as the lump sum or package services which mean that the Asia Consultech Company Limited offers several consulting services that could give further convenience for clients or customers who have decided to consume our products or services in line with their business scopes. As a matter of fact, the package services include investment consultancy in the Lao PDR, translation services in 9 foreign languages, online job posts accessible at www.laojob.la; manpower recruitment for domestic and overseas employment, finance and accounting consultancy, and more importantly the Japanese machinery and technology are availably negotiable with focus on the environmental solutions. In offering these consultancies from the Asia Consultech Company Limited, it is not aimed to respond to the need of the local and foreign investors or namely the local companies in order to boost their business operation more successfully and profitably, but in terms of our consultancy provider, we are seeking to upgrade our professionalism which would be locally and internationally recognized sooner or later.

To establish the Asia Consultech Company Limited, it is made up of highly qualified and experiential shareholders (management team members) who have engaged in the managerial and practical works for more than 10 years; for example, in the area of educational expertise, office management, human resource management, hotel management, and long lasting profession in translation work. As long as the Asia Consultech Company Limited is chosen to serve your consulting preferences or as your consulting provider; your company or action plan shall be taken into successful outcome.


The Motto of the Asia Consultech Company Limited

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